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Microsoft Word LTSC for Mac 2021 Charity – Perpetual License

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  • Break the language barrier
  • Audio Sound Effects
  • Improve Reading
  • Draw and write with your digital pen
  • Use LaTeX syntax in your equations

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Even Mac users know that when it comes to word processing and document drafting, Microsoft Word is an excellent choice. If you are looking to add the latest version of Microsoft Word to multiple Mac devices in your home, school, or business network, this Perpetual License version of Microsoft Word 2021 for Mac is the right choice for you. Specially designed for Mac systems, this software features tools for easier reading and more natural writing, upgraded accessibility, improved visual imaging, simplified document navigation and much more.

This download is for a Perpetual License of Word 2021, which gives cost-effective options for small and medium-sized businesses.

Word 2021 Features

  • Break the language barrier: Translate words, phrases or sentences to another language with Microsoft Translator.
  • Audio: Sound effects can enhance your productivity in Microsoft Office by providing audio cues. Turn on audio cues to guide you as you work.
  • Improve reading: Adjust text spacing, column width, and page color. Or listen as Word reads your document aloud, highlighting text as it’s read.
  • Draw and write with your digital pen: A customizable, portable set of pens lets you write in your document in a natural way. Highlight something important, draw, convert ink to a shape, or do math.
  • Use LaTeX syntax in your equations: Word now supports LaTeX math syntax to create and edit math equations.
  • View pages: Stop the scroll and flip through pages like a book with Side to Side view. On a touch screen, use your finger to page through your document.